The five-day online auto detailing training course for beginners at Auto Detail School is built to meet the needs of both enthusiastic and professional detailers. These professional auto detailing courses are based on actual on-site work experience in our shop, which is why the course is considered the best auto detailing training class according to Ding King certification.

Advantages of our auto detailing training classes

Quality: the quality of our products and services is the backing of our work, which we improve day by day thanks to the attention to detail and personalized service we offer to our outstanding clientele of Exotic Cars, Airplanes and Mega Yatchs.

Experience: the experience we have acquired through continuous training, dictated by our factories, allows us to always be at the forefront of new technologies that come to market. This includes understanding the chemical processes that are appearing and how they can improve or affect the wide range of services offered today in the detailing industry.

Benefits: auto Detail School will provide you as a student with the accreditations and certifications required to make your business a professional entity. In the same way we can provide your company with the added value that is required in this prestigious field.

Auto Detailing Courses

Who is the trainer?

Mel Craig started in the world of car detailing training in 1970 and hasn’t stopped since. Mel has traveled the world speaking and training in the art of auto detailing and the automotive appearance industry. He has appeared on many TV shows to include Fox, Discovery, Velocity and most recently, Motor Trends hit TV Series, Wheel Dealers with Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead.

Mel has been printed in Hot Rod, Classic Car, Street Machine, and Modern Car Care magazines and published in many other books and magazines throughout the world.

Who are we?

The Auto Detail School Academy is the result of a collective vision to provide solid, advanced and structured detailing knowledge to those looking to improve the condition of their vehicle or those seeking a career in the industry.

The car detailing training is designed and planned from the ground up to give you all the information and skills you need to grow and excel in your career, using the latest techniques, chemical knowledge and cutting edge tools. We focus not only on practical skills, but also on understanding the theory behind those skills, so you know not only why something works, but why something may not be working.

We also offer a variety of business and marketing courses that complement the technical foundation and are crucial to the commercial success of a car care operation.

Learn automotive detailing online!

If you are a lover of car detailing and want to take this love to the next level, today is a good day to learn with our five-day online course on detailing for beginners.

By entering our website you will be able to learn all the details about our courses, instructors and learning modules.

If you have any questions please call us to our phone line (800-304-3464) or send us an email ( and we will be glad to answer you.

Auto Detailing Courses

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