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At some point, you need a mechanic to fix your car. Brakes can wear out, the air conditioning can stop working, and the engine light comes on. No matter what you drive, when you go in for service or repairs, you want the job done right. 

However, choosing the best auto repair shop in Ontario can be challenging. On this page, we’ll share tips to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an auto repair shops in Ontario.

Ask friends and family for recommendations

A good start is to ask friends and family to recommend an auto repair. This can help you build a list of auto shops to consider. Always do your research about the recommended auto shop. Remember, it’s your car, and if it doesn’t get fixed correctly, you will be the one to get stuck. 

Check out online reviews

In this day and age, hardly you will see anyone buys an item without first checking its reviews. Why should choosing an auto shop is not any different? Check out Google, Yelp, and DealerRater for reviews from previous customers, this will help you choose a quality auto shop.

What do they do best?

Every auto shop does a little bit of everything, but there is something that they’re good at. Some are good at automotive repairs, while others are good at collision repairs or paintless dent repairs. Make sure you call the auto shop and ask about what they specialize in, and this will help you eliminate the ones that don’t service or repair the type of problem your car has.

Are they certified?

Having industry certifications is a good sign that the auto repair shop has invested in new technology. Many certifications require that the auto shops undergo regular training and maintain a certain level of quality. When a certified auto shop fixes your car, you get a better guarantee of the issue being fixed right. At Steel Horse Automotive, we maintain several industry certifications that help us stay up-to-date with new advances in technology.

Do they guarantee their work?

Just like anything you purchase nowadays comes with some warranty or guarantee to ensure that you get a great product, auto repairs are no different. Ask the auto shop if they provide any guarantees for their work. When you get your repair or service done, make sure you save all paperwork in case you need to go back if something fails. 

Check Out Steel Horse Automotive

Choosing the best auto shop doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take some work and a little forethought. Don’t be afraid to ask any auto shop you are considering questions and use that to gauge the quality of the service.

If you’re looking for honest work, check out Steel Horse Automotive. As a certified auto repair and body shop in London, Ontario, we stand by our work and commitment to fix your car right the first time. Call us at 519-657-4500 for more information about our services.



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