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Are you tired of the expense and hassles that come with car tire chains in South Bend, IN? Save time and money with Tyre-Grip, black ice protection when you need it. You’ll always be ready for the worst winter weather with a can or two of Tyre-Grip in your vehicle; it takes just seconds to spray your tires for instant traction on all road conditions, including snow-packed roads and ice-covered roads. You have many options when preparing for the winter, but not all of them fit your budget like Tyre-Grip.

Can a Tire Spray Provide Adequate Traction?

Be selective about which tire spray you choose this winter- they don’t all work the same or offer the same benefits. Only Tyre-Grip is proven to improve traction up to 300% on slippery surfaces such as rain-soaked, black ice, and snowy roads. Consider just a few of the reasons why Tyre-Grip is preferred by drivers over other spray traction products:

  • One can lasts for 20 applications, or 80 tire sprays
  • Good for 50 miles
  • Convenient 16oz can
  • Easy to apply- simply spray on
  • Provides affordable peace of mind
  • No expensive tire chains or winter tires to purchase

Is it Safe to Use a Tire Spray?

Not only is Tyre-Grip safe to use, but it’s highly recommended in adverse winter weather conditions. Tyre-Grip’s push-button spray can is so easy to use that anyone can apply the adhesive to their tires. Wait three minutes after applying, and you’ll see immediate results. While no product is an acceptable substitute for safe driving, Tyre-Grip can provide additional protection during your winter commute by improving your tires’ traction. If you’re like a lot of Tyre-Grip’s customers who can afford the cost of annual car tire chains in South Bend, IN, our affordable spray adhesive is an excellent product to keep on hand.

Tested & Proven For Effectiveness

Watch our YouTube video online to see how a driving instructor tries to drive on top of a sheet of ice in a skating rink, loses control at just 5 MPH, then regains control after using Tyre-Grip on his tires. You’ll also find many customer reviews and testimonials online that attest to the effectiveness of our spray-on tire grip. Our product has also been independently tested and proven to work, supporting the claims made by Tyre-Grip.

Long Shelf Life

Tyre-Grip is a product you’ll want every member of your family to have stored in their glove box or under the driver’s seat in case of an emergency. There is no expiration date for Tyre-Grip, provided it’s stored in a dry atmosphere. You’ll sleep better knowing your family and loved ones are protected while out on the road this winter- and many winter seasons to come. Give a gift that will keep on giving, the product that has been called the equivalent of liquid car tire chains in South Bend, IN. Nothing else works like Tyre-Grip because nothing else is formulated to provide 50 miles of improved traction over snow and ice.

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