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Turbochargers and Superchargers can be simply described as a means of forcefully pumping more air into a combustion engine to increase performance, high speed, and acceleration. Most modern performance engines usually have one form of forced induction or another. Turbochargers possess turbines that are spun by the air that is given off through the exhaust connected to the engine manifold while superchargers are driven directly by the engine through a connection to the crankshaft. Despite the fact that turbos appear to be more efficient there is a significant delay when compared to a supercharger.

Why is having a turbocharger is better than a supercharger?

The presence of turbocharger in modern automobiles has become commonplace, some manufacturers like Volvo, even use both a turbocharger and supercharger in their engines which are referred to as “twin-charged”. Having a turbocharger as compared to a supercharger in your engine has the following benefits:

  • Since turbochargers make use of the exhaust gases that would have ended up just being released into the atmosphere and wasted, they go a long way to reduce engine and exhaust noise all while generating more power for the engine. On the other hand, superchargers are powered by the engine to generate power, this would cause the engine to lose energy to power them. A great turbocharger solution is Cummins turbo.
  • Engine efficiency is not affected by the use of turbochargers since they run solely on the exhaust gases, they are simply connected to the engine which powers the turbine and creates increased combustion. While superchargers affect engine performance due to the connection to the engine needed for them to function properly.
  • Turbochargers are capable of producing more power for the engine at low revs, a regulator opens the valves that allow air to rush into the turbo and spool the turbines at low revs. While a supercharger provides the more instant acceleration, you have to rev the engine higher to get more performance.
  • The cost of a turbocharger and the installation is not as expensive as installing a supercharger, turbos also cost less to repair than superchargers. Technology has also allowed manufacturers to solve the problem of turbo lags, some have also used an electric power train to improve the boost. This allows a turbocharger to be a better all-round performer when compared to a supercharger.

Even though there seems to be a good amount of reasons to get a turbocharger, superchargers also have their advantages. For instance, a supercharger delivers more power to the engine than a turbocharger, you get a faster acceleration and there is no delay in waiting for power to be delivered. Also, superchargers deliver power at lower revs even when compared to the turbos. Even though at the end of the day, the longevity of the engine may be affected by installing a supercharger, it can make the vehicle more exciting to drive.

Looking for a turbocharger solution?

Installing a turbocharger in your engine should be done by a well-trained and experienced professional. If you are looking to install a Cummins turbo in orange county ca. You should head to, we have years of experience and excellent customer service.

Cummins turbo Orange County CA

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