If you get into an accident and your windshield is shattered, you need to look into a replacement as soon as possible. Unlike a dent in your fender or getting a scrape that runs along the side of your car, having a shattered windshield renders your vehicle undrivable until you get it replaced. Depending on your make and model, you could be looking at a reasonably hefty price tag for the work. This is when many people want to learn about their options and whether or not they are covered for windshield insurance replacement in Chandler.

Will Insurance Cover the Windshield Repair or Replacement? 

Whether or not you have coverage depends on a variety of factors. The best first step is learning if your auto insurance provider covers the replacement of the glass. The kind of damage that you have will also determine whether or not you can get away with a professional repair or if you should be looking for a full replacement. Generally speaking, if you have a crack in your glass that is larger than a dollar bill in terms of size, it will have to be fully replaced. Additionally, if you have a chip that happens to land in the middle of your line of sight on the drivers’ side, you will need a replacement. 

What About Repair?

When looking into windshield insurance replacement in Chandler, there are some instances when a glass accident can be repaired rather than fully replaced. Many times, if you simply repair a chip, there will be no trace left of the damage, and the fix helps to keep the chip from spreading into a more substantial crack. 

If you are able to have a chip filled in, it will be a whole lot cheaper than the cost of a full windshield replacement. Many insurance companies also waive deductibles if you repair the windshield rather than replace it.

Why is OEM Glass Important?

When you are talking with a glass repair team about windshield insurance replacement in Chandler, you will find that the new glass you get often depends on the coverage detailed in your policy. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of aftermarket parts rather than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. You might also be able to pay the difference out of pocket if you would prefer to have an OEM windshield rather than aftermarket. 

No matter what, when it comes to the windshield on your vehicle, you should never settle for less than the best when it comes to repair or replacement. The glass installed on your vehicle is there to serve a purpose, for both protection and safety. Working with a dependable and reputable glass repair team will help you to ensure you get the best and longest-lasting results. 

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