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Repairing the deck is not something you let anyone undertake. The savvy friend or a local company that installed the deck may not be your best option when you need dock piling repair. Some piling protection materials that ensure a successful repair are not replaceable with alternation materials. These materials include galvanized metal, composite, or PVC.

The SnapJacket is a popular choice because it adds durability and is currently a popular pick for most dock owners. It is one of the most challenging and longest-lasting, hence ages slower than its alternatives.

Benefits of using the SnapJacket

Ease of use

The material is exceedingly easy to install and typically keeps installation costs at a minimum. You do not have to disassemble any part of the structure or take apart large amounts of the dock to replace a single pole.

The SnapJacket lasts a more extended time because it has a strong PVC material. It preserves piles with signs of aging when you ensure proper engineering. Most SnapJackets are available with a diameter of between ten and sixteen inches. We recommend that can quickly cut into the length of the jacket without compromising the deck above. We gave detailed installation instructions so that you can have easy maneuverability despite the diameter.

Length of service

SnapJackets have an averagely had twenty-five-year warranty. The concrete stays untouched by surrounding elements and will usually have a longer-term of service than the PVC. Theoretically, the piling jacket will last a lifetime.

You can reinforce the life of the SnapJacket and all other internal materials to prevent decay and the popular hourglass shape. People that want more robust protection against termites and shipworms can use the toughest PVC St. Pete snap jackets from PJs Divers and Docks.

Combinative use

We recommend that you upgrade to a SnapJacket with a larger diameter if you want to accommodate a floating dock’s thick piling. We have varied sizes to minimize extra taught while still keeping the port safe and secure. Piling restoration SnapJackets can get damage with the use of unique hoops, wave, and tidal changes. Please use a SnapJacket with a ring containing rollers and internal plastic rollers to minimize the weather’s impact.

Environmentally friendly

All the content within the piling is within the tight enclosure of a SnapJacket. These pilings have treatment that prevents harmful contamination by toxic marine elements. The only seeping that occurs is at the beginning of the installation, which later declines to stop the piling and water contamination.


The old and rustic piling is an iconic feature of the dock. Pilings with significant deformation do not have a beautifully rustic appeal. The Snap jackets in Tampa and St. Pete restore a clean and soft ambiance to refresh the entire space surrounding the water. It has a uniform appearance that keeps the piling looking new and clean for the long haul.

Our Snap Jackets in St Pete bring the right element to an old or new install. We have a passion for optimal aesthetics and combine the love for aesthetics to handle every concern of your piling. Call P.J.’s Divers & Docks for a free estimate via 727-685-1090.

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